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The “New Normal”

Bleach ✔
Lysol ✔
Sanitizer ✔
Face mask ✔

My packing list was a bit different this time out on the truck. Safety and health was my primary concern, along with snacks. You can’t forget the snacks.

I don’t think I expected the changes I was about-face as we ventured out into a new normal.
Love’s Travel Stop definitely had the biggest change in their stores. Plexiglas, 6′ intervals, and no self serve at the deli or drink stations. Their showers and restrooms were spotless, and it felt like they had extra staff on the floor. They had sanitizer throughout the store and most of the stores smelled clean.

A picture taken from behind the windshield of a deserted interstate.
Several receivers had changed protocols. They took temps at check-in, some had no contact, and most were masks. We had one that had actually closed.
Many of the truck stops were packed early in the day. We chose to park in the rest areas most evenings. We saw tons of trains and lots of empty flatbeds. We heard several drivers talk about not being able to find loads.

I think the biggest, craziest difference for us was the traffic. NOLA, Miami, ATL, and Tulsa were a dream. Drove through them at 68 mph during rush hour. Florida had a checkpoint as you came into the state. Commercial vehicles bypassed the weigh station while passenger vehicles were pulled in to talk to DOT.

We went down to Pompano Beach on one of our breaks. The beaches were closed, hotels were closed, and restaurants were thirsty for customers. They had pop up tents set out along the sidewalks for their take out meals.

A picture of a gate with a sign that says beach closed on it.
As we traveled the country the feeling everywhere seemed to feel the same: uncertain. The new normal has arrived and the only way to navigate it is together. If any of you need anything please let us know. We’re here to help make sure you’re safe.

Thank you for all you do!

By Amy Willtrout


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