Environmental Impact: How DTS is Going Green

We live in an era of heightened environmental consciousness. During this time, DTS is not only taking part in the green revolution; we’re helping lead the charge. We have long been industry champions of reducing the environmental impact of the transportation and warehousing industries.

Our ongoing initiatives to minimize our environmental footprint have not gone unnoticed. We are proud to announce that DTS has once again been selected by the EPA as a SmartWay Sustaining Partner. The Sustaining Partner distinction is the EPA’s way of recognizing our continual commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency.

We’re excited to share some of the innovative ways DTS is leading the way in the refrigerated trucking transportation industry:

Revamping Our Fleet

Central to our environmental strategy is the overhaul of our transportation fleet. We are transitioning to more fuel-efficient vehicles and integrating IoT (Internet-of-Things) sensors into every aspect of our operations. This shift not only reduces our dependency on fossil fuels and significantly lowers our greenhouse gas emissions, but it places us in a position to leverage data-driven approaches to reducing our fleet’s environmental footprint in other ways.

Our EPA status as a Reefer carrier means our success in reducing our environmental impact is measured across multiple dimensions unique to our vertical in the transportation sector. DTS is dedicated to advancing the science of efficient temperature-controlled transportation and storage. By working constantly to improve our stewardship of the environment, we’re also advancing the leading edge of our industry.

A young girl wearing glasses, touching an interactive exhibit at a science museum for children. The exhibit itself is a clear hemispherical dome bolted to a tabletop, and apparently containing some swirling, metallic blue fluid.

The Environmental Impact of Streamlined Routes

Leveraging advanced route optimization software, we ensure that every delivery is carried out in the most efficient manner possible. This technology reduces our fuel usage and cuts down our carbon emissions, reflecting our commitment under the SmartWay partnership to enhancing our logistic strategies sustainably.

Aerial top view large freight transporter semi truck on the highway road, Truck driving on asphalt.

Recycling Initiatives

At DTS, we understand that sustainability isn’t so much about the grand gestures but more about the smaller, day-to-day actions. Our robust recycling and reclamation programs aim to minimize waste in every department. We utilize ‘sustainable thinking’ when selecting recycled materials for our offices, and provide responsible disposal options for our electronic waste.

An employee in a uniform at a waste recycling station sorts and sorts garbage on sorting line

Training and Educating Our Team

To embed our green philosophy deeply within our corporate culture, DTS invests in ongoing environmental education for our team. For us, part of hiring truck drivers includes our making sure our DTS Family are all aware of our sustainability practices and are equipped to implement them effectively. Diversified Transfer & Storage regularly trains our staff to ensure that our employees emphasize sustainability in performing their work.

Mother teaching her daughter about sustainable energy and environmental consciousness.

Looking Ahead: DTS’s Future In Environmental Stewardship

Our designation as a SmartWay Sustaining Partner strengthens our resolve to push forward with innovative, environmentally-sound practices across all aspects of our operations. At DTS, we know that pursuing sustainability is not just good for the planet—it enriches our connection with our community, enhances customer trust, and builds a more robust business model.

At DTS, going green is a commitment woven into the fabric of our operations. As we continue on this path, we invite our employees, partners, and customers to join us in fostering a sustainable future. Together, we move toward a cleaner, greener tomorrow.
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