New Additions to the DTS Trucking Fleet

So far in 2019, DTS has made a substantial investment in new trucks and trailers. The average age of our truck fleet is now 2.1 years old.  Our original fuel surcharge was based on a blend of 6 miles per gallon. With the new equipment, we have been able to reduce our “carbon footprint” and improve our fuel economy to 7 MPG.

The results are the new fuel surcharge table that becomes effective for any pickups June 1 or after.  At the national DOE fuel average last week of $3.163, our fuel surcharge was 26.25%.   Our new fuel surcharge at the $3.163 fuel cost, is 21.75% – about 18% savings on fuel, 4.5% savings off invoice.

DTS has also completed integration of our new Fully Integrated Transport Management Software (TMS). Providing white glove customer care is easy as real time shipment tracking and complete shipment visibility is accessible anywhere, anytime on the phone or via the web.

All of this to not only equip our drivers with the very best in trucking technology, but to allow us to continue to offer best-in-class trucking transportation service to our customers.

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