Pallet Recycling & Re-Manufacturing

Wood Pallet Recycling, Pallet Re-Manufacturing, Authorized CHEP Pallet Service Center

DTS Pallet Shop

Our pallet shop is one of the only facilities in Billings, Montana that re-manufactures used pallets. We re-build pallets to strict industry standards, and re-sell them to transportation industry and other businesses all around Montana. Need pallets now? Call DTS today!

Pallet Recycling Company

  • Wood Pallet Recycling
  • Authorized CHEP Pallet Service Center
  • Located in Billings, Montana
  • Servicing the Montana Area
  • Pallet Recycling Logistics

DTS Pallet Shop

DTS Pallet Shop

1720 Lampman Dr, Billings, MT 59102, USA

Hours and Location

Monday thru Friday, 6am to 4pm


1720 Lampman Drive Billings, Montana 59102




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